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Before the accident in '86 this was an industrial area. As you can see, there ain't much left of it now... In the basement by the hangar you'll find the 100 Rads bar. The place is run by the local trader who doubles up as a barman. If you want to trade, talk, get a mission or find out the latest news, that's the place to go. There's also the Arena where you can fight and make some cash. Duty's base is not far from the Arena. If you want to join Duty go straight over there - they'll tell you who to speak to. Oh, by the way, all of this area is protected by Duty so behave and keep your weapons holstered. If you start shooting, the patrol will "calm you down" pretty quickly.
- Duty member about Bar

100 Rads, also referred to as Bar, is a location featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


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100 Rads is a bar located underground in Rostok, in what's likely an old fallout shelter. It is run by the Barkeep and provides travelers with a place to rest, eat, drink and talk. The more adventurous can find jobs and quests, usually given by the Barkeep. The bar is full of experienced stalkers, including Snitch, a shady intel dealer, as well as several other Stalkers offering jobs of varying difficulty.
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Behind the barEdit

In the 100 Rads bar there is a room that is blocked off by Garik, a bouncer which Barkeep goes to on a few occasions. If one pushes a crate to bypass him or modifies their game and either allows the player to draw their weapons in the bar or remove Garik's spawn point, the player can actually explore the room behind him although there is really nothing of interest there (save for an energy drink).


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - What's Behind The Bar?

The room behind the bar


  • If enemies are pursing the Marked One, he can run into the bar and he will be safe. However, they will wait from the outside.
  • A head of a Boar and an (unobtainable) Energy drink can be seen within the kitchen.
    • Just before you get into the actual bar, there is some writing on the wall saying "If you shoot the barman, the world will end!". This could refer to the fact that if someone manages to draw their weapon in the bar and shoot the barman, the game will actually crash.
  • The location is mentioned a few times in Call of Pripyat. Zulu informs the player it is where he met Vano.

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