A bandit's Chaser 13
General Characteristics
In-game code




Feeding and cartridge

3.0 kg (empty)

Clear Sky
A few doodles on the shotgun barrel appear to depict stalkers killed with the weapon.
- In-game description

A bandit's Chaser 13 is a unique Chaser 13 pump-action shotgun featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The bandit's Chaser 13 is identical in appearance to a regular Chaser 13, the only difference being that it cannot be traded (as it is a quest item).

The weapon is part of a quest provided by Bandits squad leader in the Garbage. The weapon must be retrieved from the body of a deceased Bandit that died after forcing a digger to walk through an anomaly field. The body can be found in the middle of a radioactive anomaly field full of whirligigs near the southern path to the Dark Valley, so caution must be taken when the player attempts to retrieve the shotgun.

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