A note to Fang
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0.05 kg.

Call of Pripyat



A note on the back of an old document:

"Fang, I can't wait for you any longer - I've got a whole squad on my tail. I'm going to the sarcophagus on my own. I'll leave my lucky shooter here - I haven't got any more ammo for it anyway. If I don't make it back, give it to Ghost. If he takes care of the shooter, the shooter will take care of him. Take care. Strelok."''
- In-game description

The A note to Fang is a document in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Description Edit

The A note to Fang is a document containing a note written by Strelok for Fang and is one of three notes to each member of the group. You can find the notes in stashes around Yanov, at the Cement Factory, Quarry's Excavator or Jupiter Factory. Can be sold to Owl for 500 RU or used to obtain the A Keeper of Secrets achievement near the end of the game.

Gallery Edit

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