Affiliation is a status condition that is synonymous with the player's group in all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games and determines the player's allegiance and how other NPCs interact with the player as a result.

Shadow of ChernobylEdit

In general, the player is encouraged to remain as neutral as possible - as far as being a member of the Loner group will allow; Military, Mercenary, Bandit and Monolith forces will usually enter into hostilities on sight, but the other paramilitary factions - Freedom and Duty will remain at least neutral and may even be persuaded to hold a friendly attitude towards the player if the player has earned enough relation points to merit such friendship.

  • Normally, all is well for the player and it is not unusual to be on friendly terms with both Duty and Freedom.
  • However, circumstances may change: firing on Freedom members usually gains the player another enemy faction.
  • Conversely, assisting (actively) in wiping out Skull and his minions at the farmstead may antagonize Duty irreversibly. In this scenario, player may easily find that he has joined Freedom.
  • The consequences of 'joining Freedom' reach further too:
  1. Apart from Duty now being an enemy:
  2. Mercenaries and Bandits now become neutral to the player,
  3. The Freedom trader, Skinflint, will now trade with the player at a discount (e.g. an Exoskeleton now costs 150000RU instead of 200000 RU) He also pays top price for artifacts provided that his funds are sufficient.
  4. The Ecologists also become an enemy faction, with the consequence that Sakharov increases prices charged to the player while halving the prices that he purchases artifacts for. But he does still trade and will also issue side-missions as normal and reward them without deduction too.

Clear SkyEdit

Affiliation is a much more malleable affair for Scar due to his Mercenary nature and the adoption of Faction Wars into the game. It will be necessary for the player to curry sufficient favour with any given faction before membership opportunities are offered. Excluding that the player is member both Mercenaries and Clear Sky factions, these could happen:

For joining Stalkers, Bandits will become enemy and vice versa, For joining Duty, Freedom will become enemy and vice versa. Renegades, Monolith and Military cannot be joined (natural enemies).

Even though it's advised to join a faction, the player can remain totally neutral to all factions, excluding natural enemies. By this way, you'll get all factions service excluding member-only services (unique equipment etc.).

Call of PripyatEdit

Instead of directly joining a faction, the player can only "side" with a faction.

At Skadovsk player can stay neutral, side with Sultans bandits or Loners (free stalkers). Siding with Loners, gives you reduced buying money for artifacts, increased money for selling artifacts at Beard and reduced repairing cost at Cardan (A Friend of Stalkers & One of Ours achievements). For vice versa, just the opposite happens (Boss achievement).

At Yanov, almost the same happens. Just the siding groups are changed (Duty or Freedom). Choice at Skadovsk doesn't affect your siding options at Yanov, and vice versa. Each choice has different effects on Skadovsk and Yanov. Siding with Duty, gives you reduced repairing cost at Nitro, increased selling and reduced buying item money at Hawaiian (A Friend of Duty achievement). For vice versa, just the opposite happens (A Friend of Freedom achievement). For staying neutral, both Nitro and Hawaiian reduces their prices (A Man of Balance achievement).

In Pripyat; player can only side with the military, as the player is a soldier, and the Monolith and Mercenaries are cannot be joined (natural enemies). So, there's no effect nor an achievement for affiliation here.




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