Mission: Get information about Strelok, continuedEdit

Before UndergroundEdit

When you enter the Agroprom Research Institute area you'll notice a stalker ahead of you, calling you towards him. It turns out that Mole and his group are under attack by the military and he wants you to help them in the fight. Follow the stalker towards the first installation of buildings; once you get closer you'll be interrupted by a small in-game cut-scene showing you the area ahead revealing a number of stalkers exchanging gunfire with soldiers.

On your way there may notice several artifacts in the surrounding area - you can pick them up now, if you wish to, or wait until you have defeated the first group military guys. You can also wait until you have completed the documents mission but I personally like to secure any artifacts as soon as possible.

As you close in on the first installation you'll get a transmission from Mole saying that they need help with defeating the military and you'll be given the mission Help the stalkers. Once you have defeated the first round of soldiers, you'll complete the mission and get a transmission from Mole saying that he's cornered in the yard (the central part of the installation). This translates into the mission: 'Save Mole'. You can take the time to loot all the bodies if you wish - as far as I know, the soldiers will not kill Mole so there's no need to hurry; also, once you have saved Mole more soldiers will arrive from the same direction you did - so if you don't want to have to deal with them, looting corpses now is probably a good idea. Most, if not all, of the soldiers are carrying Akm 74/2 rifles so if you are still using an Akm 74/2U now may be a good time to exchange that with it's bigger brother.

Once you have defeated the soldiers in the yard you can go talk to Mole, but there's also the option to continue looting. Shortly after Mole will cue his lines anyway; he'll thank you for your help, and then prompt you to follow him before the task force (more soldiers) arrive. When the loners reach the perimeter, it's time to quit everything else and follow them out of the installation, as the second wave of soldiers moves in. These are expert military, carrying Obokans, which means they can send you upstairs real quick.

Mole will wait for you on outer side of the western wall, next to a hole in the ground and say that what you're looking for is around here. Talk to him to get some more, concrete information (actually it's necessary in order to advance the mission timeline). Strelok and his group apparently had a stash and a base here but Mole doesn't know the exact location. You'll need to head underground and try to find it for yourself. Once you have talked to Mole you will complete the Find information about Strelok and Save Mole missions, and be given a new one: Find Strelok's group's stash. When you're ready, head down the hole next to Mole.

After UndergroundEdit

  • The ONLY mission critical item is the 'Document Case' on the top floor of the Institute. There are several methods and strategies for resolving this matter, notably:-

Strategy 1 - The Rambo PloyEdit

The most popular course of action in the Agroprom Institute itself is to just slaughter all the soldiers inside then grab the documents and leave. When you emerge from the underground, shoot the soldier on the tower in front of you then turn around and run to the nearest house and proceed to camp the entrance from a window in the main hall. Not recommended at night since the house will be full of soldiers; you don't have a good night vision at this point anyway, so there's no point in trying to fight in the dark.

Strategy 2 - BlackOpsEdit

The more "professional" approach is to sneak in, grab the documents and leave without alerting anyone. First, make sure it's midnight or just after midnight. Second, make sure you're wearing the Stalker Suit from Strelok's Stash - it has night vision, it's the bad one but enough to make your way around. Third, pull out a knife. Fourth, make a save just before you go up the ladder and into the Institute.

  • Remember - loading a saved game(even a level change saved game) will alert EVERYONE to your presence! You need to stealth the entire area without being seen or heard. (Some installations of unmodded Stalker-SOC V1.0006 allow loading savegames on the rooftop of the target building without alerting anyone)
  • Sometimes just pulling out a weapon or binoculars can cause enough noise for someone to notice you. Don't let go of your knife when trying stealth!
  • Never, ever let go of the crouch button.

As soon as you emerge from the Underground, there's a chance the soldier in the tower right in front of you will be turned towards you. If this happens, as soon as the game starts Synchronizing, hold crouch and strafe right, and as soon as it loads turn about 30 degrees right. You should make it behind the bush fast enough so that he won't raise an alarm.

Continue camping this spot. Three soldiers will pass you by, moving to the house and the east gate. Only after they pass move on north, across the streen and in between the houses. Turn left then cross to the northern wall of the Institute itself. Left again and you'll be at the back. The windows here are too high but there's a wooden thing you can jump onto and into the Institute.

Use the northern staircase to get to the top floor. The Institute is empty except for three guards there. One camps the southern staircase, and two are patrolling the corridor and northern staircase, but only one actually makes it near staircase and then back. Watch this guy, and as soon as he starts walking back, creep behind him. If the other guy is also turned around, creep into the corridor then jump on the metal panel/console and then through one of the small windows on top of the fake wall. Grab the docs.

To get out, jump on the desk where the docs were, then on the lamp on the desk, then on the shelves. You have to wait till the two guards are past you then follow same path as you did going in, just in reverse. When you're in the staircase again, move up to the roof.

On the western(back) side of the Institute there's a ladder going almost all the way down. Not enough to make you climb it up from the ground level, but enough to climb it down from the roof. Watch out, sometimes your character can scream in pain when you drop the last bit; it doesn't seem to alert anyone though.

Another way to get the documents is to use the same staircase to get to the rooftop, find the ladder going down on the backside and climb down one level. From there it is possible to jump on the window ledge and enter the building through the second window crouching low. Grab the documents and exit through the same window, jump to the ladder and climb it down.

There is a hole in the wall just behind the garage, but do not cross here or the guard in the tower will see you. Creep north till the garage ends and smaller, red garages will start. Cross here, then turn left and you're essentially free to go.

Strategy 3 - The 20 Zone minute DashEdit

In the patched game it's not possible to 'pop up' holding your rifle. Instead, you get defaulted back to the Binoculars and there goes your stealth as you tool up. As a compromise, let's fish.

  • Since the local tower is now taking pot-shots at you from behind cover, ignore him and move up between the storage bunkers, don't rush.
  • Some grunt near the closest entrance will start firing on you, lob him a grenade and toss another near the main building entrance (over the bunker roof). Draw your rifle and take out the Tannoy (single shot).
  • During the generated disorder, run for the building entrance and heave hard left. Face waste the rookie if he's in your way - ignore anything behind.
  • Run upstairs to the top floor and walk/strafe right around the wall. One or two soldiers need to be attended to along with the Commander (sniped from the door)
  • Take the doc case - loot if you must, but listen to Trader and get back downstairs - using the other stairwell asap.
  • On the ground floor there will a few soldiers trying to waste you from outside, give them a grenade - and lay one down by the doors for the opposition there. If the adjacent barrel explodes, you're nearly there. (Ensure that you have a retreat point just in case your aim is off and you get a bounce back from a window frame)
  • Run out past the confusion, ignoring it, away from it down the street turning right and dive back underground.
  • This particular strategy makes efficient use of the munitions discovered in the Agroprom Underground.

The looting possibilities at Agroprom are pretty poor when all is considered. You're only there for one thing that is essential to your main mission. If you want to come back later, get this mission from Lukash.

Return to GarbageEdit

Whether you alerted the Institute or not, there will be three more guards camping near the entrance/exit to Agroprom area. If you want to sneak by them (it doesn't really matter at this point) you need to get to the hill over the rail tunnel and go down hugging the fence which marks the end of the level.

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