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This page contains spoilers to the game's final plot. It is advised you skip this section or page if you haven't completed the game yet!

The maps provide a quick reference for the locations of the artifacts and anomalies that can be found in the Clear Sky game. For more detailed descriptions of the locations of the artifacts see: Artifacts in Clear Sky.

Note: In large anomaly fields artifacts can be spawned anywhere within the anomaly field and when spawned they will often move around inside the anomaly field as they are being searched for.

The following information is shown on the maps:

  1. all 56 artifact locations.
  2. all anomalies or anomaly fields that spawn artifacts.
  3. all dangerous anomalies or anomaly fields that can be reached.
  4. psy-fields.
  5. large concentrations of the less dangerous anomaly fields, e.g. Burnt Fuzz

The following information is not shown on the maps:

  1. radiation hot spots.
  2. dangerous anomalies or anomaly fields that cannot be reached, e.g. on top of pylons.
  3. small anomalies not usually encountered, e.g. small Electro anomalies in garages etc.
  4. single occurrences of Burnt Fuzz.
1. Great Swamps artifacts

Great Swamps

2. Cordon artifacts


3. Garbage artifacts


4. Agroprom artifacts


5. Dark Valley artifacts

Dark Valley

6. Yantar artifacts


7. Army Warehouses artifacts

Army Warehouses

8. Red Forest artifacts

Red Forest

9. Limansk anomalies


10. Chernobyl NPP anomalies


Artifacts Maps legend

Legend to the maps.

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