The Artifact Activation was a feature cut from the Singleplayer gamemode of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky[source/verification needed]. It appears in the Multiplayer gamemode "Artifact Hunt". Artifact Activation feature was meant to allow the player to create anomalies by using artifacts.


Artifact Activation was removed but brought back in the Multiplayer gamemode of Shadow Of Chernobyl and Clear Sky. If you had the artifact and pressed 7, you can see yourself holding the artifact. If you press the left mouse button, you will start to "Activate" the artifact. After seconds, you drop the artifact on the ground. During that time the artifact will make some particles which were also removed and were going to be used on some anomalies. After that,a anomaly will appear (In Multiplayer, it's always a Electro since the artifact is a Flash).

This feature was going to be included in Singleplayer, but was removed. It would allow the player to use any kind of artifact he could find in Singleplayer and create the parent anomaly of that artifact where ever he wants. The first artifact activation could be done probably in Build 2205, only by the "Jellyfish" artifact.

For this to happen, right click the artifact and in the context menu, you will find the option "Activate". Doing so will drop the artifact and do much like the same effects in Multiplayer. It will create its parent anomaly which will always stay there, much like the other anomalies in the game. If a NPC died in that anomaly, the game engine will think that you killed him but with the anomaly you made, thus setting the faction from which the NPC was from which he killed (if it was a neutral/friendly) to the player's enemy list. Popular mods like Priboi Story and etc, allowed the player to hold the artifact in the pistol slot which did the same effect like in Multiplayer.


  • This was the only way to get the "Time" and "Lift" anomalies from their parent artifacts.
  • Using the Pellicle to create the "Lift" anomaly.
  • Using Mama's Beads to create the "Time" anomaly.
  • Since Burnt Fuzz can't be created on the surface, its artifacts, when activated, generate a field of Radiation.

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