Ask Lebedev what happened

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Attention all fighters! An emission is approaching! Get to cover, NOW!
- Lebedev

Ask Lebedev what happened is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Help the outpost task to receive the Ask Lebedev what happened mission.


Scar survives another emission. Now he needs to find out what went wrong.

Mission Edit

You wake up in the same room as at the start of the game and the Ask Lebedev what happened task displays. He's still standing by the fireplace, and when you get there Lebedev tells his theory of a stalker who may have invaded part of the Zone that was off limits. This has caused an increase in emissions, which are slowly killing Scar. Basically, Scar has no choice but to help Lebedev find out what is causing the increased anomalous activity. When he asks for your help, the Ask Lebedev what happened mission is complete. If you choose, "Yes", Lebedev tells of his contact in the Cordon and a new task displays: Talk to Sidorovich. But before you can get to the Cordon you have to help Clear Sky regain control of the Great Swamp. The conversation ends with the Go to the great Swamps with the guide task.


  • On your way out to the guide, Nimble stops you. You can talk ask him some questions that may be helpful to a new player. You can also buy stash information from him, which is the case whenever you see the option, "What can you offer me?"

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