Assist at Freedom's Barrier Outpost
  • Repel Monolith attack group

Assist at Freedom's Barrier Outpost is a optional mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

The MissionEdit

This mission is pretty straightforward - all you have to do is eliminate the advancing Monolith soldiers attacking the Freedom defenders. While Freedom has had sufficient time to fortify the Barrier between the events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and Shadow of Chernobyl, they lack the manpower to cover the entire front line. In the best cases, Freedom will have eight to ten men manning the barrier, but if the player takes his time in reaching the Barrier they may be down to much less before the defense begins, due to marauding Bloodsuckers and other mutants.

The Monolith forces vary in number, but usually march in excess of twenty, with at least five to even ten of them being in Exoskeleton suits - likely the player's first encounter with them unless they assisted Max in killing off Colonel Skull and his men. Freedom - and the player - are thus in for a very tough fight. They tend to attack in one or two waves, though in some cases may come in a continuous stream of single stalkers, or in pairs, making the defenders' job much easier.

There are numerous vantage points that the player can take advantage of, such as a guard tower, and several sandbag barriers on top and around the scattered containers. The guard tower seems like the most obvious choice, as no Freedomers use it themselves, and it makes a good point to snipe from, but it is also quite destructible - once the player is sighted, the Monolith can tear up most of the railings with their VLAs and other high-caliber weaponry. It can however be safely used to spot and take down the first wave of Monolith with little threat to the player. As well, Freedom has scattered numerous explosives in the tree line, giving the player big, bright targets to aim for in order to blow up what Monolith attempt to hide in the foliage.

It may take repeated saves in order to keep the Freedom line alive, but if the quest is completed successfully, Freedom will continue to respawn and hold the line. If it is failed, they respawn less frequently, whereas Monolith raids will occur more often, complicating travel between the Army Warehouses and Red Forest.

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