Asubers brothers
Clear Sky



The Asubers brothers are two fearsome bandits under Yoga. Apparently, they only come out during night, and are a big threat.They are probably an enemy of Ashot.


  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, st_dialog_manager, Ah, what the hell - I'll tell you all about it. The local boss's name is Yoga, and he's the authority around here. Got his own den at the base all full of expensive stuff. Then there's Borov - he's the barkeep and a real aristocrat-wannabe. Further up is Agroprom, that's where the stalker rabble and the Duty boys defend us from monsters, hehe. If you go the other way, that's where folks peddle their stuff on the black market. The market offers more variety come night time, but more dangers as well, the biggest being the Asubers brothers. Farther that way you'll find Freedom in the Dark Valley.

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