SCS BTR70 BTR-70 in the military base in the Cordon
General Characteristics

Armoured personnel carrier


The Bronetransporter-70 is a Soviet 8x8 wheeled APC in service with the Ukrainian Army.


In all games, almost all these APCs are derelict, and appear to have been abandoned by the military over the years as they lost control of the Zone. While the BTR-70 appears in all games, the only time an active unit appears is during Shadow of Chernobyl where a Spetsnaz team use it during their attack on the Chernobyl NPP. There its only armament is its turret-mounted machine-gun. The BTR-70 can carry six people inside - five passengers, plus a driver.


APC's will engage the player with their mounted guns till destroyed, only 2 or 3 will be encounter by the player but both are very close to each other so unless you have a lot of RPG warheads you should just run past them. Once destroyed they will explode into bits leaving nothing behind.

Use in the ZoneEdit


The Ukrainian Army has extensively used these APCs in containment operations in the Zone. However, nowadays, most of them are rusting hulks sitting in ditches or on roads, stripped of anything valuable, their crew long gone. The military didn't utilize more modern APCs as they must be destroyed after use.


Duty appears to have a functioning BTR-70 in Clear Sky, appearing in top condition with the hull free of noticeable signs of rust and wear.


Freedom also appears to have had a few active BTR-70s when they took over the Army Warehouses in Shadow of Chernobyl. However none of these were actually seen in combat. Freedom also uses the engine of a BTR-70 to power their base during Clear Sky.


The Monolith have acquired and used at least one BTR-70, using it in their attack on the X-16 laboratory.


BTR-70 engaging the marked one, note it has already being shot once with a RPG.


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