Backpack in the tunnel

In-game PDA map location

General Characteristics
Appears in

Shadow of Chernobyl


Army Warehouses

Coordinates given by

Dead veteran Stalker - Army Warehouses


Burner & Electro anomalies

Hid away the backpack with the goods in the tunnel.
- PDA description

Backpack in the tunnel is a stash in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


The stash is located in southeastern part of Army Warehouses area, in the train tunnel at the northeast corner of Freedom's base.

Obtaining the infoEdit

The information about the stash may be obtained from the dead bodies of veteran stalkers in the Warehouses area.


Notes Edit

  • Burner and Electro anomalies guard the entrance of the tunnel. If you sprint along the right side wall, you'll trip the Burner anomaly, but avoid any damage.


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