Bellmouth of the pipe
Ss alexander 07-05-14 22-53-46 (garbage)

In-game PDA map location

General Characteristics
Appears in

Clear Sky

Stash type



Garbage, in an old pipe.


Very close to a heavily irradiated area.


I made a stash in the bellmouth of a pipe, in that heap of radioactive trash
- ''PDA message''

Bellmouth of the pipe is a stash located in Garbage in Clear Sky.


  • It is close to an extremely radioactive area.

Walkthrough Edit

Starting from the south side of the mound, align yourself with the radiation warning sign next to the north side fence of the Vehicle graveyard and the base of the tower, then turn around and go straight up the hill until the ground levels off. Turn to the right and walk toward the large cement slab lying almost flat. The stash is just to the left of the slab.

There’s also a metal box with a Medkit and three anti-rad packs on top of another cement block, which is now behind you. Turn around and walk west. Shoot the box with your pistol to knock it down.

Gallery Edit

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