Big House
Bighouse southside

Ruined station waiting room.

Notable locations

Centrally located within level, adjacent to most areas of interest.

Notable loot
  • The area is radioactive to varying degrees.
  • There is an inescapable pit directly below the roof entrance.

Big House is a minor, very strategic sub-location in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Getting ThereEdit

Early GameEdit

  • There are many directions of approach to this location, but the most common early direction is by running up the platform steps, triggering the cutscene and mission brief from Kruglov prior to rescuing / escorting him to safety.
  • The house may also be approached along the elevated pipework from the Sniper Tower. This also triggers the Kruglov sequence at the pipe bend (but not the cutscene) early in the game, with the added advantage of being able to occupy the platform roof and attack "Wolfhound and his crew" from an elevated position during the period that the cutscene would be playing without the possibility of intervention by the player.
  • Approach during the early game does not encounter any mutant lifeforms.

Middle GameEdit

  • After the Wolfhound / Kruglov setpiece the whole area is very much alive with enemies.
  • The best place for the player is up on the roof of the building or platform.
  • None of the mutants can jump high enough and may be sniped.
  • The Mercenaries on the Construction site are too far off to deliver much damage and may also be picked off.
  • Approached carefully, an advantageous position may be taken on the platform roof from which the Bloodsucker(s) can be eliminated from safety.
  • The group of Snorks that home in from the neighbouring shed can also be dealt with fairly easily.
  • Any Blind dogs or Pseudodogs tend to get into a tangle which may help as the player shoots into the mob.

Late GameEdit

  • When the small Loner camp is established between the Construction site and the Burner Underpass, usually after the Brain Scorcher has been deactivated, wildlife infestations drop off dramatically and the only reason to be up on the roof is for entry to the house.

House EntryEdit

  • Either by pushing a case against the platform wall under a window and crouch entering, with exiting being similarly performed from the other side.
  • Or, using one of the several methods mentioned on the stash or walkthrough pages to get up to the roof, followed by a walk down the joist poking out of the roof. Again exiting by a retracement after the conclusion of business.


  • As with buildings throughout the Zone, designs get repeatedly used.
  • There is a "Big House clone" in the Brainscorcher compound complete with similar roof access. The inside is not full of mutated undergrowth either, just empty furniture.

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