Gameplay tips regarding the mutated Boar animal.

General tips Edit

If you are just starting the game, don't panic if you run into one of these, they can be taken down with ease using one or two shots from a sawn-off double barreled shotgun, or by 'playing bull' with it, strafing to avoid its charge, it is relatively fast, but somewhat clumsy, so pulling forth a pistol and firing away is probably the best way to survive one of these mutants. The quickest and most ammo efficient way, if you have significant pistol ammo can take out a boar in one shot. Just use your iron sight and aim for the forehead. If done correctly it will go down in one shot saving you ammo.Also, stronger shotguns, like the Chaser-13 can kill a boar in one headshot, if you aim precisely.

Practical Examples Edit

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