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You couldn't have picked a better time to show up, merc. We're stuck here in a terrible position. The enemy is in the building across the canal and we're sitting ducks here! Lebedev ordered us to take the bridge. We need to clear and secure that building, whatever it takes!
- Clear Sky message

The Bridge outpost is one major location in Limansk in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The Bridge outpost sits on a hill overlooking a bridge. When you arrive, the Military is laying down some serious machine gun fire. Your mission is to help Clear Sky secure the bridge by taking out the machine gun that has them pinned down. Once you do, Clear Sky can move in and help you clear the building.


The Bridge outpost is a two story building with a buff colored stucco finish, like most of the buildings in Limansk. The front of the building faces south and the only entrance from the front is up a flight of stairs to the second floor on either end of the building. The front yard is a large open space with little cover for getting close. The canal that runs in front of the building is shallow but radioactive. There are also pockets of radiation behind and on either side of the building.


Spetsnaz has a machine gun on a second story balcony and plenty of support to keep you from getting too close. After the battle, Clear Sky takes over. The squad leader is able to perform repairs.


  • Clear the area of Spetsnaz before attempting to explore the area or loot any corpses.
  • Once inside, there are metal boxes throughout the building.


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