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The Bridge to Limansk is one major location in the Red Forest in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


This is the first and the last location you visit while in the Red Forest. First, you chase Strelok to this area only to be ambushed as he makes his escape. Last, you give cover fire to Leshiy's squad while they attempt to lower the bridge.


The only fully-intact building is a small, two-story guard house at the east end of the bridge. To the north of this building is a tunnel, and to the east is a broken out section of wall where you enter the forest for the first time. On the west side of the bridge are Bandits, the remains of a couple of buildings, and the tunnel to Limansk. The entire area, including the river and tunnel, is littered with broken down vehicles. The river here is extremely radioactive and lethal.


Clear SkyEdit

A group of Loners are the first to greet you when you arrive to the Red Forest. On the other side of the bridge is a group of Bandits and snipers who, with your help, give way to Leshiy and his squad of Mercenaries.


On the bank of the river is a box containing a Bubble artifact and other supplies.

The upper storey of the guard house has a crate with supplies.

On the ground floor of the guard house are lockers with medical kits.

Leshiy will give a reward of an Artifact for successfully protecting his squad from the snipers on the hill.

Clear Sky will give a large reward for helping to capture the bridge.

When the bridge has been lowered the bodies of the Bandits and their weapons can be scavenged for supplies or to sell.


The tunnel to Limansk is a point of no return in the game. The bridge to Limansk is the last point that the player can return to visit Traders and Technicians to upgrade their gear or collect rewards.


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