See Bring the hoof of a boar and Bring the leg of a boar for similar missions given by different people.

Bring a boar's leg
SHOC Lukash
Quest type

Retrieve mutant body part

Given by



Boar's hoof

Time limit

1 day


Bring a boar's leg is an optional sidemission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

We're planning a dinner party to celebrate Bob Marley's birthday. So why don't you get us some delicious ham? The more the better! Jah will never forget you!
- Lukash

Acquiring the mission Edit

You can aquire this mission either before or after the Destroy Duty Comany quest, but to do it before, you have to answer him with the second option after he asks what's going on.

Completing the mission Edit

Find a Boar. Kill a boar. Search its body. If you didn't find a hoof, repeat.

There are some Boars in the eastern part of Military Warehouses, north of the minefield and the swamp with the Insane stalker from the Freedom faction. After repelling the Monolith attack on the Barrier, subsequent attacks will be a mix of various Mutants, including Boars.

Reward Edit

1000RU and a vodka to celebrate Bob Marley's birthday. Better late than never! (Bob Marley's birthday is February 6th; SoC starts on May 1st)

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