Bring back the tank machine gun
Given by

Dolg Patch Duty
SCS Loners Loners


Tank machine gun



Here's a job for you. I heard from Forester that there's an old Soviet tank deep in the forest. Nobody knows how it got there, except that it appeared after the powerful emission. The thing is, the tank is pretty much intact. Sure, you couldn't drive it but you could remove the machine gun that's mounted on it. Bring me that machine gun and your efforts will be well rewarded.
- Mission description
Bring back the tank machine gun is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


This is the first job offered by both Loners and Duty squad leaders in the Red Forest. The job requires the player to get a Tank machine gun from a derelict T-64 tank in the Red Forest, to the north of the Symbiont (where the Space Anomaly is found). The tank can be searched through its hatch - beware not to jump into the space anomaly as it'll force the player to go through the entire forest again.

One may want to keep the weapon considering a regular RP-74 is very difficult to acquire before Limansk. However, there are two downsides to consider - firstly it cannot be upgraded at all, limiting the performance a fully-upgraded RP-74 can achieve, and secondly it uses 2000-round magazines, making the loaded weapon a very heavy 33kg.


The reward for the job is 7500 RU that can be collected from either Mitay or Shilov, as well as a slight increase in reputation with the faction that gave the job.

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