Bring back the trophy AKM-47/2
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Trophy AKM-47/2



I collect rare weapons, buddy - I've got enough of them to fill a museum, but if there's one thing I'm missing that's a trophy AKM-47/2. That AK is not just a good shooter, it's a real rare piece that was used to kill mutants you ain't never seen. I heard its owner was not only a great shot, he was a legend in the Zone who could get out of any trouble and escape any anomaly... I haven't heard anything about that stalker for a while but I recently got some info about the shooter: it's hidden in a secret place that's pretty tough to get to. Bring me that shooter, merc.
- Mission description
Bring back the trophy AKM-47/2 is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


This is the last side mission available from the Loners squad leaders in the Cordon, and requires the player to complete Deliver the "magic" vodka beforehand. The squad leader providing the job asks the player to recover a Trophy AKM-47/2 and bring it back to him. The weapon can be found stored in a fridge at the top of a barn in the Vehicle station - it isn't difficult to require, but might be tricky as the fridge only slightly opens, as the player needs the right angle to access the stash itself.

Completing the mission is dependant of player's choice. The Trophy AKM is very unique in that it uses 7.62x54mmR rounds, making it the most powerful assault rifle of the game. At close-quarters the AKM-47/2 is extremely powerful, but the heavy recoil, uncommon ammunition and lack of upgrades are still downsides. If the player wants to get the rifle back after giving it, one can lure mutants onto the squad leader who gave the job and get the weapon back from his body.


The player's reward is 1200 RU from Shilov as well as a slight increase in reputation with the Loners.

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