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Bring over the tail of the pseudodog
Given by



Pseudodog's tail


1500 RU, 50 12x76 Dart rounds.

Time limit

4 days


Bring over the tail of the pseudodog is a repeatable mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Mission InformationEdit


Bring 1 Pseudodog tail to Sidorovich


Walkthrough Edit

It entails finding and killing a pseudodog, then looting the body for the dog's tail. Due to the relative rarity of pseudodogs, and the low chance of a dead one actually having a tail as loot, this quest can sometimes be difficult to complete. The tail of a pseudodog can be searched for in Cordon next to the rookie village where you can help the downed stalker. There is a mission that involves the destruction of a dog lair, so a tail can be found then. If all else fails you can just endlessly kill them in hope of a tail; but this is a long and tedious process.


Initial dialogueEdit


"Winter's coming soon. And what do chicks like to wear there on the Big Land during winter? That's right - furs. So now there's a new fashion going around, making various accessories from the tails of pseudodogs. It's some sort of special fur! Bottom line, there's an order for such a tail. Will you take it?"

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