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Merc, this is Chekhov. The outpost was attacked. I don't know if anyone survived but their PDA is still active. It might contain some useful info. Find it and bring it to me.
- Chekhov

Bring the PDA to Chekhov is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Find the active PDA task to receive the Bring the PDA to Chekhov mission.


Scar was on his way to deliver some ammo to an outpost as a favor for Lingov, Freedom's commandant. Before he gets to the outpost, it is attacked and there are no survivors. There is, however, a PDA with a recording that implicates the commandant as the one providing information to who ever is attacking Freedom.

Mission: Edit

From the ill fated outpost, return to the Freedom base and go to the second floor of the hanger building with the large door. Chekhov's office is at the south end. When you talk to him, Chekhov explains that the recording on the PDA is proof that Lingov has been providing plans and details to the attackers. He's also disappeared, but they're tracking his PDA. Oddly, you can still hear Lingov yelling at Ashot and Yar over the PA. Another mystery of the Zone?

Chekhov also tells you of his conversation with Fang. But just like everyone else in the Zone, Chekhov wants your help before he'll help you. Bring Lingov back, dead or alive, and Chekhov will help you find Fang. when you agree the Bring the PDA to Chekhov mission is complete and a new task displays: Find the commandant.

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