Bring the bloodsucker is an optional, repeatable mission given by Professor Sakharov in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the missionEdit

The mission given by Professor Sakharov to bring you the body part collected from the corpse of a bloodsucker, known as the bloodsucker tentacles.

The missionEdit


Agroprom's bloodsucker couple

Professor Sakharov gives you the task to find a Bloodsucker tentacle. It doesnt matter from where the body part will be obtained so long as it's from a Bloodsucker, the various locations of easily found Bloodsuckers include:

  • Garbage (In later stages of the game).
  • Agroprom Underground Only one early on, though in the later stages of the game two will spawn here.
  • Agroprom (In later stages of the game) Often one is found in the facility nearest to this area's exit, close by to the loner encampment.
  • Dark Valley (In later stages of the game).
  • Wild Territory (In later stages of the game).
  • Army Warehouses (Common) Freedom missions require you to hunt them down in the village in this area.
  • Red Forest (Common).
  • Brain Scorcher (Common).


Professor Sakharov gives the player characte 6000 RU and a Scientific first aid kit after the completion of the mission.

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