See Bring a boar's leg and Bring the hoof of a boar for similar missions given by different people.
Bring the leg of a boar
Quest type
  • Retrieve mutant body part
Given by
Time limit
  • 1 day

Bring the leg of a boar is an optional sidemission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

Welcome, eh... traveler! I'm so glad you dropped by: we are in need of a man to take part in a highly important experiment. My colleague Brenter wants to try and cook a meal using local fauna for a practical experiment to study the influence of mutated protein on human body. For a start, we decided to try the boards. We need ham. A boar's leg, do you understand? And if you agree to do it, please select the healhiest specimen.
- Sakharov

Gourmet thrillseekers... Alright, I'll get them some ham.
- Detailed task information

Acquiring the mission Edit

This is the third quest given by Sakharov.

Completing the mission Edit

  1. Find a Boar.
  2. Kill a boar.
  3. Search its body.
  4. If a hoof is not found, repeat.

This one will require most effort (but also has the best reward) as the nearest boars are three maps away. The eastern side of Military Warehouses will probably be the best bet to finding a boar hoof.

Reward Edit


  • In the patched game, this sidemission is conflated with the Bring the tail of a blind dog mission. The requirements are swapped, but the rewards remain the same.

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