Bring the tail of a blind dog
Quest type

Retrieve mutant body part

Given by



Pseudodog's tail

Time limit

1 day


Bring the tail of a blind dog is an optional sidemission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

Good day, colleague! I hope you know that dogs belong to the vertebrates subtype... meaning their vertebral column starts with the head and ends with the tail. And here's the catch! One of my young collegues proved theoretically that the spine of the blind dogs - this is how you named this type of animals - starts from the tail, not from the head! Think of it, it totally turns upside down our assumptions pertaining to this area of knowledge. There are already some rather daring theories about human beings having around their sacrum a... well, this is a subject of many discussions. In short, we need the head of the dog, the blind dog, which through ignorance we considered to be its tail.
- Sakharov

Well, look at Science! Trying to find a second brain in humans?.. Poor dogs, one of them will have to do without a tail now.
- Detailed task information

Acquiring the mission Edit

This is the fourth one in Sakharov's long chain of Mutant body parts missions.

Completing the mission Edit

Find a Pseudodog. Kill a Pseudodog. Search its body. If you didn't find a tail, repeat.

There's a LOT of Blind Dogs in Wild Territory. In fact Sakharov will automatically give you a quest to eliminate some of them when you get there from Yantar. Trouble is, what he really wants is a Pseudodog's tail, but there are several of those in the Wild Territory too. In any event, he will pay 625RU for a Blind dog tail at any time.

Reward Edit

3000RU and a Scientific medkit.


  • The patched game conflates this mission with Bring the leg of a boar sidemission. The mission requirements are swapped but the rewards remain the same.
  • Additionally, a second 'bug' is that the requirement for this mission is a Pseudodog's tail.
  • Clearly, when it comes to body parts, Sakharov is the ideal trader, even if he's a bit ambiguous with mission details and requirements.

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