Bring the unique bodysuit
SHOC Sakharov
Quest type

Item retrieval

Given by



Ghost's suit

  • Reputation increase: +50
  • Relation increase: Ecologists, +100
Time limit

7 days


Bring the unique bodysuit is an optional sidemission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

We have some business with you. Recently we hired a stalker to get into the laboratory. Even then I noticed his unique bodysuit - it gave off noticeable heat. The stalker said that the bodysuit itself can heal wounds. Bottom line - the stalker didn't return from the lab. Oh no - don't even think it! We had nothing to do with it! And his bodysuit is most likely still there. I would be very glad to get it for research.
- Sakharov

Acquiring the mission Edit

The mission is given by Professor Sakharov, who resides inside the Mobile Science Laboratory in Yantar area.

Completing the mission Edit

The player must retrieve unique suit called Ghost suit from Ghost's corpse. The corpse is located inside Lab X16.

Reward Edit

After completing the mission, the player will be rewarded with increased reputation with the Ecologists faction and the SSP-99M Suit from Professor Sakharov.

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