Build 1154 is one of the earlier builds. This build is from

August 28th, 2002

It's somewhat similar to 1114, Except there's a little more progress.

At this stage, GSC started to add cars. The splash screen was still present.



1. Agroprom

The Agroprom. Everything this time. With the grass being bright green. It's not very different compared to the final release version.

2. Escape

The Cordon again. This time, There are actually NPCs. With the rookie village and the north and south gates controlled by soldiers. The mountain with the factory was lowered, so you could actually reach it once you fell off.


PM Makarov, Browning HP, Fort-12, FN F2000 Prototype, AK-74, LR-300, M134 Minigun. The binoculars were also added.


Same as in 1114. Mostly soldiers.

Cars / VehiclesEdit

There's only one working car, which is a green Lada Niva.

Other cars can also be seen, but they're just static props.


Links and InfoEdit

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