Gameplay tips regarding the Bulldog-6 grenade launcher.

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

Obtaining the weapon from Freedom HQ armory Edit

  1. If Freedom is still neutral or even friend you will be able to get a Bulldog 6 launcher. You need to be carrying a very low amount of weight (it is suggested that you stash all items). After you've done that you can get in the armoury by walking against a chair in the bedroom. Walk in the direction of the guard at the stairs and get it a little right of the guard. Crouch, look over his far left (your far right) to the wall. Jump while remain crouched to get past him. Draw your gun and shoot the armory lock. Now you can open it and enter the armory to take what you want. To get out, take the chair in the room opposite the armory and use the same trick on the guard. Your reputation with Freedom will not be affected.

2. Alternatively, if you haven't used the explosive barrels in Freedom base, you can push them to the armory guard (pushing them through the HQ door is very very hard). You need at least 2 barrels to kill the guard. When you have done placing them, move to the opposite side of the corridor. When you are far enough, draw your gun (not an explosive weapon) and shoot the barrels. Quickly break the lock by shooting it or stabbing it, loot everything, and get back before another guard comes to block your way.

3. An easier way to acquire the Bulldog 6 that is inside the Freedom armory is by stabbing the guard in the head. Make sure nobody sees you, otherwise Freedom will become your enemies. It may take several tries to successfully kill the guard without anyone noticing.

Obtaining the weapon from Bloodsucker Village in Army Warehouses.Edit

  1. Inside the central house, you will find a basement. Inside the basement is a Bulldog-6 and several grenades for it (or any other launcher that fires the same type of grenades). Beware of the bloodsuckers and/or controller.

Clear Sky Edit

After going down a ladder which breaks (this will spawn 4 Poltergeists, kill them first) go into the room on the left that is filled with anomalies. Please note: The Poltergeists might use the Bulldog against you by throwing it around like any other physics prop and it might be nowhere to be found after killing them.)

How to kill the poltergeists without soiling yourselfEdit

Bring the following:

  • A shotgun loaded with Shot Shells
  • Any assault rifle with an underbarrel grenade launcher, with lots of grenades for it
  • A few Hand Grenades, about 6 of each.

The Poltergeists in Clear Sky are extremely powerful, a throw of a discarded ammo crate can reduce your health by 1/2 even with decent armor. To effectivly kill the 2 Poltergeists without using immense amounts of Medkits do this: Get all the discarded guns and items in the the entire mine and put them inside a nearby stash, they can kill you by literally throwing bullets and guns at you. Once you have done that go deep inside the mine where the Renegades have set up camp and look for a door blocked by metal and destructible crates. Destroy the crates using your weapon and the Poltergeists should appear when you hear the sound of an Electro Anomaly going off. Once both have appeared, go to the nearby ladder in the unstable center of the mine and commence massive bombardment at them with grenades and whatever shooters you possess; be careful with grenades as they have the annoying ability of throwing them back at you! Do this while you are on top of the platform, NOT in the actual pit where the Poltergeists are, as they'll rip you apart in an moment's notice since they have a lot of heavy stuff to throw at you. Several of the platform's wooden plaques are destructible, so be careful where you stand. It is also recommended that you wear artifacts that help stop bleeding and increase health when killing the Poltergeists such as a Soul and Mama's Beads and of course along with a radiation-neutralizing artifact. Once you suspect it is clear, go down and get the Bulldog 6 inside the bathroom. The bathroom is crawling with Electro and burner anomalies, so a word of caution. As another reward for your efforts, there is usually an Kolobok near a cluster of Fruit Punch anomalies by the concrete debris. If you need to get out of the pit after killing the 2 Poltergeists, use the now open door where you busted the crates.

After you obtain the Grenade launcher, the RG-6 cannot be upgraded but can be repaired. However, according to its config script, its misfire capabilities are 0, and as such it will never jam when firing.

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