CS-1 Body Armor
SCS CS1 Game Armour
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Clear Sky
Impact CSiconImpact


Rupture CSiconRupt


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Night Vision


Artifact containers



7 kg.

Standard equipment used by Clear Sky assault squads. This body armor is able to stop a pistol bullet, while its integrated gas mask provides good protection from anomalous exposure. Includes a container capable of holding one artifact
- In-game description

The CS-1 Body Armour is the standard armour for Clear Sky assault squads. This suit is only obtainable to the player in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The CS-1 consists of a tactical vest (with medium grade military kevlar) with carrying pouches and a steel helmet with a gas mask and large goggles, carried over a sky blue/white camouflage shirt and dark pants with metal kneepads and hiking boots. Heavier, kevlar-padded panels are added to the arms and legs to increase the protective performance. The chest rig appers to be a modified version of the Soviet made M32 chest rig that has been attatched to the body armour. All that is missing is the grenade pouches, which appear to be located on the legs of the wearer, or at least it would seem this way from viewing the in-game character models.


Clear SkyEdit

Despite the small appearance, this suit provides good protection from rifle bullets at medium to long range. Overall this suit is the best mid tier suit in the game, offering better anomaly and radiation protection than the Guardian of Freedom Suit, and yields the same bullet/splinter protection.


This suit can be purchased from Docent Suslov, who is located at Clear Sky's base in the Swamps. The player can purchase the suit very early in the game for about 13,500 rubles after he achieves maximum reputation with Clear Sky for the first time; this is the time before the player leaves the Swamps for the Cordon. After leaving the Swamps, one will have to rebuild his reputation with Clear Sky until his reputation bar reaches 1/2 and then buy it from Suslov for a more expensive 22,500 rubles. The suit can only be upgraded by Grey and overall this is one of the best armours available with its balanced anomaly and firearm protection, price and weight.


The CS-1 that appears in the final version of Clear Sky is the second version of the armour. Clear Sky was supposed to have three different skins, one scout, one fighter and one heavy assault fighter.

The "heavy" model is completely different - it includes a full body Clear Sky pattern camouflaged jumpsuit, a large kevlar vest covering the torso and groin, armoured greaves and combat webbing that includes a lot of pouches and pockets on the front and back. The gasmask and helmet were recycled for use in the CS-2 body armour.


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