CS-2 body armour
SCS CS-2 Body Armor

Clear Sky



The CS-2 body Armour is the standard armor for Clear Sky troopers. This suit is not obtainable by the player in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The CS-2 consists of a military bulletproof vest with a load bearing vest over it. It is worn with a steel helmet with a gas mask and large goggles, carried over a sky blue/white camouflage jacket with metal elbow pads and dark pants with metal kneepads and hiking boots. A carrying pouch is usually strapped to the left hip, while an utility knife is carried on the other.


Clear SkyEdit

The suit is carried by members of Clear Sky assault squads. They have moderate durability.


  • The name of the article is conjectural - if the lightest variant is CS-3a and the heaviest CS-1, then the middle one most probably is called CS-2.
  • While this suit is absent in Call of Pripyat, a similar suit can be bought from Nimble in Call of Pripyat. The CS-2 appears in the latter's upgrade field.

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