Car Trunk (Garbage)
General Characteristics
Appears in

Clear Sky

Stash type



Garbage in an old car's trunk.


According to Stringov, the old car trunk holds some smuggler's batch of goods
- ''PDA message''

Overview Edit

The Car Trunk stash is a reward for not killing Stringov, which you are assigned to do in the optional mission given by Yoga, the Bandit leader located in the train car of the Train hangar. For not killing him, Stringov gives you the coordinates to an old car located on the southeast end of the mound between the Train hangar and the Vehicle graveyard.

Location Edit

You meet Stringov at the bus stop just east of the Train hangar. From there, take the road south until you come to a bulldozer (facing west) that looks like it's pushing a white car (facing north).


  • Stringov gets killed anyway and Yoga doesn't seem to suspect you let him go.


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