Carpetbag in nook

In-game PDA map location

General Characteristics
Appears in

Clear Sky

Stash type



Limansk, southwest of Gastronom

Coordinates given by



5.56x45mm AP x 120
5.45x39mm BP x 120
9x39mm SP-6 x 120


We were on our way past the backyard when I noticed a small toolbox behind the fence.
- ''PDA message''

Carpetbag in nook is a stash located in Limansk in Clear Sky.

Overview Edit

The stash coordinates are gained by looting a corpse. The location of the stash is south of the building where you had to take out the machine gun after avoiding the Bandit ambush.

Walkthrough Edit

Start from the back of the truck where you met the Mercenary who gave you the assignment to clear out the house with the machine gun. There's a walkway on the left where you can just drop into the planter with the stash.

Gallery Edit

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