Case behind junkyard
"Case behind junkyard" stash

In-game PDA map location

General Characteristics
Appears in

Clear Sky


Cordon, north of Rookie Village

Coordinates cost

800 RU


Flash drive


Area is surrounded by anomalies.


I'll pay you with the contents of the case that is lying next to an anomaly behind the junkyard at the Cordon. There's another lad nearby reaching for it, but don't mind him - he's not longer in action.
- PDA message

Case behind junkyard is a stash located in the Cordon in Clear Sky.

Overview Edit

The "case behind junkyard" stash is located to the north of the Rookie Village in the junkyard surrounded by Springboard anomalies.

The stash contains a flash drive with data on an electronic stabilization system for shotguns. The coordinates of the stash can be purchased from Drifter for 800 Rubles once the player has completed Wolf's quest to assist and escort him back to the Rookie Village.

Walkthrough Edit

The shortest route to the stash is to start from behind the tank where the squad leader is standing, facing northwest. Walk through the gap in the fence to the cement pipe, jump on top and walk down to the end (jumping over the gap between the two sections). The stash is in the end of the pipe.

You can also grab the artifact by continuing northwest toward the middle footlocker, jump up on the fallen tree and make your way to the standing tree. You should be able to pick up the artifact and sprint north by northeast out of the radiation.

Gallery Edit

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