Get out of here stalker!
This page contains spoilers to the game's final plot. It is advised you skip this section or page if you haven't completed the game yet!
Catch up with Fang

In-game PDA map location

Quest type

Primary Mission

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Flea market


Main mission continuation


I asked one of our tech guys to hack into his PDA's frequency, and we were able to monitor him for a few days. It looks like he went to the Garbage - I'd look for him there. By the way, I made a note of his PDA frequency and I've already uploaded it for you. His location is now marked on your PDA.
- Chekhov

Catch up with Fang is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Deliver the PDA to Chekhov task to receive the Catch up with Fang mission.


Thanks to Freedom, and especially Chekhov, Scar now has the coordinates of Fang's PDA indicated on his own PDA. It appears Fang is at the Flea market.

Mission: Catch up with FangEdit

You start the mission in Chekhov's office. But before you return to the Garbage, you may want to spend some money. In fact, spend it all if you can. See Ashot and buy some stash information off him, or buy some ammo. Anything that you can sell back later.

Now go to the Flea market and to the cellar door on the east side. When you get to the bottom of the stairs the Catch up with Fang mission is cancelled and a new task displays: Find Fang.

Mission: Find FangEdit

A cut scene plays with two Bandits talking about the one that got away. When the clip is done, Lebedev calls you on the radio and gives you the Pick up Fang's PDA task. If you check your inventory, you'll discover that you've been robbed. However, you can find the PDA, an Echo detector, a PMm, and some ammo in the southwest corner of the cellar. When you pick up the PDA, a recording plays of a Loner telling Fang of a written plan in the group's stash. The recording ends, the Find Fang mission is cancelled, and a new task displays: Find the stalker group's stash.

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