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Clear Sky
SCS Clear Sky


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SCS Renegades Renegades
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Neutral to everyone but enemies:
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Dolg Patch Duty
SCS Freedom Freedom
SCS Scientist emblem Ecologists
SHOC Military Military
SCS Mercs Mercenaries


Clear Sky redirects here: For the game go to: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

The Clear Sky (Чистое небо) faction is an independent scientific/military organization focusing on understanding the Zone and is one of the major S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky factions.


One of the first factions established in the Zone, Clear Sky was dedicated to researching the Zone and learning its inner workings, and are not averse to hiring mercenaries to perform missions, much like the Ecologists faction. However, unlike the Ecologists, they are more than willing to resort to violence to get their way, and are as fiercely protective of the Zone as Freedom, or even the Monolith.



Clear Sky was formed after a split occured among members of the research team that caused the Zone to emerge in the first place. Disputes concerning cleaning up the aftermath of the failed experiment caused approximately a half of the scientists to leave. Three of them (N.A. Lebedev, V.I. Suslov and E.F. Kalancha) formed Clear Sky in order to research the Zone and find a way to remove the fracture in the noosphere or at least contain it so that it can be lived with[1][2][3].

Clear Sky Edit

SCS Clear Sky squad

A Clear Sky squad in Limansk

The Clear Sky faction begins the game as a woefully under-equipped faction isolated inside the Great Swamps. Led by Lebedev, this faction aims to study the Zone. These plans are unfortunately ruined with the Second Emission that begins the game. The Emission devastates the Clear Sky ranks, and also ruins most of their data on the Zone as anomalies change and move, and even worse, allows free access to the Great Swamps, allowing unsavory Renegades into the Swamps. The only good news to arise from it is the discovery of Scar, a mercenary who was escorting a team of Ecologists through the Swamps. Although the Ecologists that Scar was escorting were killed by the Emission, Scar himself is alive and well, arguably blessed with extra health and strength from his exposure to the Emission. Unfortunately, Scar's nervous system is also irreparably damaged by the Emission, and he is notified that further exposures will kill him.

With Scar's help, the Clear Sky faction pushes the renegades out of the Swamp, and starts to theorize a solution to the rash of emissions scarring the Zone. Eventually, Lebedev and Beanpolev conclude that a group of stalkers penetrated the center of the Zone, and the emissions are the zone's reaction, attempting to kill anyone who had been there. Lebedev directs Scar through the Zone, attempting to gather evidence on this group, where they learn of two Stalkers in particular, Fang and Strelok, members of the 'Strelok Faction'. Lebedev mobilizes Clear Sky, and leads the first major foray into the Zone since the First Emission, using the help of mercenaries to push into Limansk, and then all the way up to the Chernobyl NPP.

Unfortunately, the Clear Sky faction had not accounted for the Monolith faction, which had repelled the other factions following them into the Zone, including the Mercenaries. During the bloody fighting, although Strelok is finally incapacitated by Scar, almost all of Clear Sky is either obliterated, zombified, or brainwashed by the C-Consciousness after the ensuing blowout.

After Clear Sky Edit

Without Lebedev and most of their manpower, it is likely the faction remnants disintegrated and became a mere footnote in Zone history. It is suggested that one of Strelok's gang, Ghost perhaps, assassinated what was left of Clear Sky's command structure. The remnants are presumed to either have been killed, left the zone or joined other factions. By the time Call of Pripyat rolls around, only Grey and Nimble have survived[source/verification needed], and all that is left of their technological prowess is a single CHN-3a Battle Armour that can be acquired for a hefty sum, and the EM1 Rifle's successor, the Gauss Rifle.

A thing to note is that sometime after Clear Sky, Nimble joins the Loner Faction and appears in both Shadow of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat. In Call of Pripyat, he takes weapon orders for the Loners. Grey (aka Novikov) lays low during Shadow of Chernobyl but then reappears in Call of Pripyat as a technician for the Ecologist Faction.


Clear Sky is initially one of the more poorly equipped factions, but once mobilized boasts an arsenal probably second only to the Monolith, sporting heavily upgraded assault rifles complete with scopes and grenade launchers.




Clear Sky was conceived back during the development of Shadow of Chernobyl and is mentioned in text files for the PDA's encyclopedia, described as "Peculiar stalkers environmentalists. Study area, looking for a method to cure the world of this plague. All groups are neutral."[4].



  • Clear Sky's uniform is similar to that of the pre-released Ecologists from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Oblivion Lost, infact, Clear Sky may have been a way to bring back the early Ecologists, as they looked more like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s with blue uniforms.
  • The sky-blue camouflage worn by Clear Sky is similar to the blue digital camouflage used by some Asian and Middle-East armies, as well as US Navy soldiers.
  • After the faction's downfall, the only known survivors are Nimble and Novikov (a.k.a Grey).
  • The Clear Sky base and the Great Swamp appear in Shadow of Chernobyl's PDA Map, but are both inaccessible.


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