These jobs can be taken from Non-Player Characters (NPCs) with the option, "How can I help you?" in their dialogue box (usually a squad leader). Completing these jobs gains you either cash or loot (such as a weapon or artifact, as well as an improved reputation with the respective faction. However, these jobs only maximize your reputation bar by a half. One cannot achieve anything further than that without joining the actual faction. Most of these jobs can be taken from the faction's base of operations area. Apart from a few jobs that gives the reward on the spot, your reward is collected from either the faction's Trader or Barman, who are located in their base of operations. If you fail a job you can still take the next one, but you cannot take the failed job again. Also, you will not be offered a another job until you complete or fail the current task.

NOTE: Delivery jobs involving ammo do not earn you any cash and actually cost you the ammo out of your own inventory.


Clear SkyEdit

  • Return Item: PMm – Retrieve a custom PMm from a fallen squad leader in the Swamps.
  • Return Item: Clear Sky scout's PDA – Retrieve the PDA containing information from a fallen Clear Sky pathfinder. See Hidden Veles Detector for location.
  • Return Item: Stone Flower – Retrieve the artifact from a fallen Loner who was not able to traverse out of the anomaly field.
  • Return Item: AKM-74/2U – Retrieve this particular assault rifle stolen by the Renegades from an arms deal with the Military.
  • Return Item: Leather Jacket – Retrieve an experimental Leather jacket in the Swamps.
  • Capture: Encampment near truck - Take over the camp north of the Machine yard, then repel the counter-attack. When the mission is complete, Clear Sky returns to the Machine yard and the Renegades return, so you can repeat this mission as many times as you want.




  • Find the PDA (Lambee): Retrieve a PDA for Semyon Lambee a soldier found below the bridge not far from Rookie Village in Cordon. WARNING: Due to him being a soldier, he shows up as an hostile, however he is not armed and will beg the player not to shoot should they approach him.



  • Bring back the inscribed pistol: Inscribed pistol – Retrieve a special PMm with an engraving from a stash near the flea market. Only attainable in the Garbage.
  • Return the rookie's jacket: A Durable Leather Jacket – Retrieve a special leather jacket from a dead Loner who died in an anomaly field. The jacket was said to be durable enough to negate all damage from all anomalies which was supposedly true…but the user wasn't included. Only attainable in the Garbage.
  • Freshy's PDA – Retrieve Freshy's PDA from a stash in his camp. Only attainable in the Garbage. Taken from Wild Napr.
  • Give Stringov the 2000 rubles – Meet Stringov to deliver the final payment for the smuggler. The meet turns out to be an ambush and you must kill Stringov and get the PDA from his corpse and bring it back to Wild Napr. Only attainable in the Garbage. Taken from Wild Napr.
  • Attack Concentration Camp – Liberate the stalkers from the concentration camp (AKA: Vehicle graveyard) with the help of a few diggers and show the everyone you're not just a heartless mercenary. Only attainable in the Garbage. Taken from Wild Napr. One of the slaves will give you the coordinates of a fully modified Kora-919.


Dark ValleyEdit


  • Return Serega's guitar: Serega's guitar – Retrieve a special guitar signed by Serega's girlfriend.
  • Return the USB drive with movies: USB drive with movies on it – Retrieve a USB full of the latest movies from a radiation hotspot, thrown there by Lingov. This mission can be provided by Freedom squad leaders in the Dark Valley after completing Return Serega's guitar.
  • Return the 8x scope: 8x scope – Retrieve a special scope from a fallen stalker near an anomaly field.
  • Find the PDA (Hermit): Mechanic's friend's PDA – Retrieve a PDA from a fallen Freedom member who was killed by Bloodsuckers. Taken from Uncle Yar.
  • Eliminate Bandits at the Gas Station – Eliminate a squad of bandits, based in the Gas Station across Freedom's base. Taken from Ganja.
  • Purge the Dark Valley of Mercenaries – Take control of two triagulator antennas in the Dark Valley by killing the mercs guarding it and proceed to take over the abandoned factory. Taken from Chekhov and an initiation to be enlisted into Freedom. Reward is a flash disk containing upgrades for SVU worth 6250 rubles.





  • Return Item: Souvenir Grenade – Retrieve a training grenade inside the Yantar factory complex. Only taken in Yantar. You have to go back to the Neutral base to get your reward of 1500 (the guide will charge you 3000 one way). To return, the guide will only take you to the Agroprom Factory for 2600.
  • Return Item: Scarlet Flower – Retrieve this one of a kind ladies magnet from the corpse of a dead loner in the small swamp. Only attainable in Yantar. You have to go back to the Neutral base to get your reward of 5000 (the guide will charge you 2600 one way). To return, the guide will only take you to the Agroprom Factory for 2600.

Red ForestEdit


  • Guard the stalkers on their way to the anomalous area: When you recover the missing group's PDA, you receive a new task: Find a way to the anomalous area. When you reach the location on your map, you meet a squad leader who will offer you the job of escorting them to the Devilish encampment in the red forest. One will meet strong resistance from numerous Snorks and a Pseudogiant. The squad leader (or any other alive stalker) will give you a Gravi as a reward.

Loners or DutyEdit

Military WarehousesEdit


  • Return Item: Meat Chunk – Retrieve the artifact from corpse of a dead stalker in the marshes. Watch out for two Controllers after you get the artifact.


  • Return Item: Commander's PDA – Retrieve a PDA filled with Freedom's operations movement from a stash. Can be taken from Loners or Duty instead. Gives 3000 rubles on the spot.
  • Return Item: Ammunition – Retrieve ammunition from a crashed Hind D gunship, being held by Monolith Veterans. Can be taken from Loners or Duty instead. Gives 2000 rubles on the spot.
  • Return Item: Flame – Retrieve this artifact from a stash inside the Bloodsucker village. Can be taken from any squad leader. Gives a GP 37 on the spot. Notice that if you already have a Flame artifact in your inventory, you don't get the location of the artifact you're supposed to find, since you can return one immediately. Just drop it temporarily somewhere safe and the objective will change to the quest's artifact location. Also when returning it, ensure you only have the quest's Flame artifact in the inventory, or else you'll lose the other one.


  • The only two side-missions that are taken in one location while requiring to travel to another one are both situated at Agroprom. First one; "Return Item: Duty member's case", requires traveling to Agroprom Underground; second one; "Return Item: Duty member's PDA", requires traveling to Garbage.