Collect the loot

One in-game PDA map location. Location varies from game to game.

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Primary Mission

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...OK, I'll tell you... bastards... it's at the old mill, under the roof.
- Khaletskiy

Collect the loot is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Interrogate the military commander task to receive the Collect the loot mission.


Khaletskiy finally cracked and gave up the location of Sidorovich's case. Now Scar just has to go and get it.

Mission: Collect the lootEdit

The location of the loot varies from game to game. If you have to go back to the Mill for the case, you'll find it on a platform in the northeast corner of the metal-clad building. Use the stairs at the west end of the building and move east along the planks. There's a few steps to the right, then (crouching) go east again until you get to the planks leading up to a platform with the small green case. When you pick it up the Collect the loot mission is complete and a new task displays: Return the loot to the trader.

Mission: Return the loot to the traderEdit

Immediately, Sidorovich sends you a message that he's waiting for his case. You simply need to walk to his bunker and give it to him by starting a conversation in which he gives you the next task, Get information about Fang from the diggers.

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