The Companion System was a feature cut from Shadow of Chernobyl. It would allow the player to form a squad of stalkers. The feature re-appears in Call Of Pripyat, used during the trip to Pripyat.

Information Edit

In most of the builds of Shadow Of Chernobyl, there was a feature that would allow the player to form a squad. You can easily find them in Build 2205. The lines used were not completed, they appeared as:

companion_hire_dialog - This will "hire" the NPC you want in your squad.

companion_management_dialog - This is probably for movement formation and others.

companion_release_dialog - This will disband the squad that the player has made.

The system can be re-activated with the help of 3rd party modification tools.

Call Of Pripyat Edit

The system re-appears in CoP. It is used during the trip to Pripyat, so that the A.I. of the team members follow the player where ever he goes, but not into hazards.

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