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The suburbs of Limansk are very close. The road there leads through an unfinished complex. Find a way through the construction site.
- ''PDA message''

The Construction Site is one major location in Limansk in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The Construction Site is the scene of another battle with Monolith. The building blocks your way to completing the mission of scouting the roads through Limansk.


The Construction Site is a five story building under construction and filled with Monolith. The site is on top of a hill overlooking Limansk to the north, south, and west. To the east is the mysterious radio tower.


Monolith has at least 24 troops stationed in the building, with reinforcements if you're too cautious about taking them out.


You approach the site from the south, through a playground. If you go straight up the stairs to the wall you will draw a lot of fire and grenades. If you stay out of range of the grenades and try using a sniper rifle, the Monolith troops are reinforced.

One strategy is to take the road east in front of the apartment building until you come to the white car with no doors. Turn left and go until you reach a mound that allows you to jump up on the metal roof of an L shaped building at the east end of the area. This is a radioactive spot, so don't take too long here. Once on the roof, go to the east end of the building, up the hill to the fence, and north to the outside wall of the construction site.

Now you can approach the opening in the front without taking any hits. Stay about one wall panel away from the opening and against the wall to avoid the grenades. Monolith will come around the west side of the building, and a few will come out in front. Once you have take most of them out, sprint to the west end of the building to the open window where you should be able to take a few more out (you may need to turn on your night vision for this).

Remember that there is a Clear Sky squad of four waiting for you and will show in your minimap count. So when you get to four, you know the building is clear of Monolith.