Warrant Officer (garbage)1
Buzz off stalker, we don't let every loser go through!
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Cover the Duty detachment from the attack of the bandits in the Dark Valley
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Mission InformationEdit



Walkthrough Edit


Initial dialogueEdit


"I finally managed to get it into the thick heads of the dutyers that it's high time to purge the Garbage from bandits. The Duty will get to enlarge its territory and they won't damage my regular clients as often. Well, here's the deal - the leadership of the Duty decided, for starters, to cut off the flow of Bandits from the Dark Valley. So they sent out a blockade detachment and discovered that the Bandits didn't like that. Who would have thought! So what I'm wondering is, could you help them secure the entrance to the Valley? I'll thank you handsomely."

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