Crate on the roof of boiler room

In-game PDA map location

General Characteristics
Appears in

Clear Sky

Stash type



Yantar, Production complex

Coordinates given by


Coordinates cost



Chaser 13
12x76 Dart


Zombified Stalkers


There's a small hideaway inside a blue crate on the roof of a boiler room. The area is teeming with zombies, so watch out.
- ''PDA message''

Crate on the roof of boiler room is a stash located in Yantar in Clear Sky.

Overview Edit

The stash coordinates are purchased from Fyokl. The location of the stash is in the Production complex north of the place where Lefty's crew makes their way over the wall into the complex.

Walkthrough Edit

Assuming you have already completed the mission with Lefty, go to the place where you first met him and his crew. Go over the wall again and follow the same path you did before during the mission. When you get to the stack of crates you used to get over the second wall, go up to the top of the wall and turn left. Hop up on top of the wall and go to the top of the tank, then to the roof of the building with the stash.

Notes Edit

  • If you wait until after the mission with Lefty, there are no zombies in this area.

Gallery Edit

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