Screen helmet
Cop icon courtain helmet
In-game code



4.00 kg

Impact CoP Impact


Wound Heal CoP WoundHeal


Explosion CoP Impact


Firearms CoP Armour


Burn CoP Thermal


Chemical CoP Chemo


Electric CoP Electro


Radiation CoP RadGood


Psy CoP Psy


A light helmet with an airtight visor intended for protection from anomalies. Judging by the design, the helmet is made by the same Defense Research Institutes as the SEVA bodysuit. Its intended use may very well be in combination with military suits for operations in highly anomalous areas.
- In-game description

The Screen helmet is a type of protective helmet featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Appearances Edit

Call of PripyatEdit

A high quality 'dome' helmet, similar to those worn on the SEVA Suit. However, unlike the SEVA, this does not feature a closed-cycle air system (although can be modified to support the feature), and thus can't quite match the same anomaly protection - at least when it comes to fire and acid anomalies. Of all the helmets offered, it has the highest inherent psionic protection at 60%, and is more durable than the Gas mask and the Steel helmet.

The Monolith faction is the only faction to use the helmet (not integrated to SEVA suits) in tandem with a Monolith suit - this suit is known as Scientific Monolith suit.

Only Novikov can perform all the upgrades for the Curtain, though Nitro and Cardan can perform the first tier of upgrades themselves. The Curtain, importantly, lacks night-vision, so a back-up helmet may often be carried for night-time trips. Instead, its second row of upgrades is devoted to improving stamina and health regeneration. Combined with the PSZ-9d Duty Armor or an upgraded Wind of Freedom suit, the player can have a significant health and stamina boost beyond what is capable of a SEVA Suit or Exoskeleton.

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