Cut content refers to various resources such as mutants, weapons, armors, or items, which were planned for inclusion at some point during a game's development but were removed or "cut" prior to the final release. In many cases these cut items still exist in some form within the game, but require additional resources or simple code changes to make them accessible.

All three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games retain some amount of unused content. In many cases this is as minimal as a configuration file for a weapon or an unused inventory icon, but in others this may include a fully functional item, complete with all associated inventory icons, textures, models, and configuration files, which is simply not accessible during normal play.

In some cases, content which was cut from one game may be included in a sequel; examples include the Burer and Chimera mutants and the Browning Hi-Power pistol.


List of Cut ContentEdit



Cut from Can be restored

"Farshooter" SVDm-2

SoC Yes

.223 Pistol

CS Yes


CS Yes

Browning Hi-Power

SoC (Available in CS and CoP) Yes (SoC)

Bulldog-6 m209

SoC Yes

FN P90

SoC (Build 1935)

Yes (Post Build 1935)



M134 Minigun

SoC (Build 1154) Yes


SoC (Available in CS and CoP) Yes (SoC)

SGI 5.45

CS Yes


SoC (Available in CS and CoP) Yes (SoC)

Smoke grenade

SoC (Available in Multiplayer)


RGN Grenade SoC No
IGLA Anti-Aircraft Missile SoC No
RPK-74 SoC No
GSH-18 SoC No
AK-74 SoC No
Armsel Protecta SoC, CS (Available in CoP) Yes
AEK919 "Kashtan" SoC No
OTs-12 "Tiss" SoC No
Pancor Jackhammer CS No
MAC-10 SoC No

Weapon AccesoriesEdit


Cut from Can be restored


SoC No


SoC No

Night Vision Device

SoC, CS (Available in CoP) No



Cut from Can be restored

Army Outfit

SoC1 Yes

SSP-99 Ecologist

CS, CoP (Available in SoC) Yes

SSP-99M Suit

CS, CoP (Available in SoC) Yes (CoP only)

SKAT-9 Military Armored Suit

SoC Yes2

1. The armor can be found in-game in Shadow of Chernobyl in one location, but uses the Leather Jacket's name, inventory icon, and description. It is not considered usable as it provides small protection from only one damage type (Rupture). It's texture can still be found in the game files (act_soldier).  2. Although the UI icons were cut from the game, the actor- and item meshes are still present.



Cut from Can be restored


SoC, CS (available in CoP) Yes


SoC Yes


SoC, CS (available in CoP) Yes


SoC,CS,CoP Yes

Phantasm (1)

SoC No


SoC No

Zombie (2)

SoC, CS,CoP Yes


SoC,CS,CoP Yes
Rat Wolf SoC No
Black Chernobyl Dog SoC


Morlock CS


1. Not to be added to any future games, as it is extremely similar to the Chernobyl / psy dog.

2. Not to be confused with the zombified stalkers.



Cut from Can be restored

.223 FMJ

CS Yes

5.7x28mm AP

SoC Yes

5.7x28mm FMJ

SoC Yes

9x18mm JSP-AP

SoC,CS,CoP Yes

9x39mm SP-5

CS (Available in SoC and CoP) Yes



Cut from Can be restored

Artifact Activation

SoC, CoP, CS Yes

Artifact Merging

SoC (CS?, CoP?) No

Gameplay Features Edit

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, many gameplay features were cut from the game. Originally, there was a Monolith base in the Dark Valley. A Monolithian who spawns in the Dark Valley is still referred to in the game's files. There were also more unique Monolithians, bringing a more structured ranking system to the faction. There was a different leader who had a Gauss Rifle and Desert Eagle, a "Left Hand" with an FN F2000 and Desert Eagle and a "Right Hand" with the same equipment. Another "Master" Monolithian is referred to, and he is also equipped with a Desert Eagle and FN F2000.

The player was also able to join Duty or Freedom, and help Kruglov or Wolfhound. The game's files also refer to laboratories for different organizations, including the KGB, NASA, Japan, USA, Uzbekistan and the USSR. There were also research findings on magnetism, magnetic force fields, electro magnetic forces, as well as a creation of a magnetic battery and magnetic VSS Vintorez.

The game was also supposed to include driveable vehicles, as seen in some early Oblivion Lost trailers.

You could also combine artifacts with objects like food, ammunition and weapons, not just other artifacts to add extra effects to object, I.e. Gravi artifacts combined with ammunition for extra stopping power (and higher impulse to 'propel' enemies further,) or create mucus grenades to poison opponents etc.

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