Dead man's backpack (Limansk)

In-game PDA map location

General Characteristics
Appears in

Clear Sky

Stash type



Limansk, west of Bridge outpost

Coordinates given by



Scientific medkit
5.56x45mm AP x 180


A rookie right next to me got nailed by a grenade - he croaked then and there. Dan took his backpack and tossed it under the bridge. A dead man has no use for it, but we might.
- ''PDA message''

Dead man's backpack (Limansk) is a stash located in Limansk in Clear Sky.

Overview Edit

The stash coordinates are gained by looting a corpse. The location of the stash is along the north bank of the canal west of the Bridge outpost.

Walkthrough Edit

The stash can be reached by starting at the south end of the Space Anomaly maze. Go to the east side of the bridge approach, crouch to get underneath, and turn right.


  • The canal water is radioactive.

Gallery Edit

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