Deliver a bottle of Cossacks vodka
SHOC Vodka World Model
Given by

SCS BanditsBandits


Cossacks 2 vodka



Buddy, help me out and bring me some booze, would you? Just make sure, it's not the crap everyone else is drinking. I hid a couple of bottles of the good stuff in a decent spot but I can't go there myself right now. Go pick it up for me and make sure nobody sees you going there, OK?
- Mission description
Deliver a bottle of Cossacks vodka is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


This is the final side mission available from the Bandits squad leaders within the Garbage, and can be taken after completing Find the modified weapon. The squad leader who provides the job asks the player to find him a special Cossacks 2 vodka and deliver it to him.

This mission is very easy as the bottle is found in a stash just north to the Bandits base. There is an electro beside the vodka, but it is entirely avoidable.


The player's reward is 200 RU that can be collected from Tooth as well as a slight increase in reputation with the Bandits.

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