Deliver a special medkit
Given by

SCS LonersLoners


NPR-21p special medkit



Merc, an old friend of mine recently escaped the bandits at the Garbage. Those bastards made him run between anomalies at the embankment just for their amusement and the radiation levels around there are close to lethal. He can barely move now and normal rad meds are no use - he needs something stronger. I heard the army boys have special medkits that can help, so if you can get me one of those, we'd be tangibly grateful
- Mission description
Deliver a special medkit is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


This is the second side mission available from the Loners in the Cordon, and is unlocked after completing Return the "lucky" detector. Just like the former, this mission can be provided by random Loners squad leaders. The mission giver asks the player to recover a NPR-21p special medkit from the army to he can help a friend that was badly wounded after being forced through anomalies by bandits.

Unfortunately this mission is quite difficult as the medkit must be stolen at the heavily-protected Military checkpoint. The medkit is found in a locker at the top floor of the north-eastern tower.

Stealth approachEdit

The easiest approach is to sneak inside the checkpoint. This is best done at night. A suppressed weapon may come in handy if the player has to stealthly take down a soldier - silencers aren't hard to acquire and can be mounted on the AKM-74/2 which can also be easily found.

The entrance to the checkpoint is in its south-eastern side, by a pile of rubble. After climbing over the fence the player will be just right next to the barracks. Fortunately soldiers inside are sleeping, meaning one can pass by the windows by crouching and remain undetected. Note that the soldiers will hear the player if they run, making it not advised.

There is now a patrolling soldier to the north of the barracks. If the player has a suppressed weapon, this is the right time to use it - make sure to perform a one-shot kill in order not to get spotted. If no suppressed weapons are available, the player can use the tree beside him to get past him.

Once there, there is a staircase directly leading towards the medkit. The entrance to the room has a soldier guarding the checkpoint. He will stand northward, meaning that one can crouch and get behind him undetected. Inside the room, one can find RGD-5 grenades. Now search the locker on a shelf - it will contain the medkit.

Now it's time to make a run. The best way out of the base is just beside the aforementioned soldier - should he be still alive, the army will spot the player, though they will have enough time to get away. Otherwise, one can kill him with a suppressed weapon, and escape undetected.

Hard approachEdit

The other approach is by attacking the base. The difficulty of this option will depend on the player's equipment - for a starting player this is next to impossible as there will be around 20 soldiers guarding the base, all equiped with heavy Berill-5M armoured suits and using either AKM-74/2s or AC96/2s.

It is advised to use the same approach as the stelath way - the main access can be used, but the player will be confronted by most of the guards with not much available cover. As well, one may end up in the sight of the mounted RP-74.

Once the player is inside the base, it is advised to gun down first the sleeping soldiers inside the barracks. Once that done, eliminate the three that are near the medkit. There will be around 10 left, gathered by the main road. At this point, it is safe to take the medkit and escape, but one can still eliminate the rest of the soldiers - this will cost the player ammunition and maybe armor but may be worth it in case the player is trying to get 5.45x39mm ammunition.


The reward is 2500RU that can be collected from Shilov, as well as an increase in reputation with the Loners.

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