Deliver the "magic" vodka
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"Magic" vodka



There used to be a chemist here in the Zone. He wasn't a real chemist or anything but he made a "magic" vodka. It really was something... A couple of swigs and you'd forget everything: the Zone, mutants, anomalies - everything! Your fears left you and you didn't give a shit about who you were or what was happening to you. Even at the price they used to charge for that stuff, it was still worth it. Anyway, one day someone decided to poison the chemist out of jealousy or greed, who knows? They poisoned him and that put an end to the vodka supplies... But, I heard the chemist had a few stashes around the Zone and I know where one is. Bring me a bottle of that magic stuff and I'll pay you handsomely for it!
- Mission description
Deliver the "magic" vodka is a side mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


This is the third mission available from Loners squad leaders in the Cordon, and requires the player to complete Deliver a special medkit beforehand. The squad leader who provides the job asks the player to recover a "Magic" vodka from the stash of a "chemist" that was poisoned.

The mission is fairly simple. The vodka can be recovered from a black backpack below a train locomotive just south to the eastern railway tunnel. There is radiation nearby, but not around the train itself. The backpack can be seen below the cabin. The body of a stalker (supposedly the "chemist") along with medical supplies can be found nearby.

Once the vodka is obtained, they must take it back to the squad leader who offered the job.


The player's reward is 200 RU that can be collected from Shilov, as well as a slight increase in reputation with the Loners. This mission unlocks Bring back the trophy AKM-47/2.

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