Deserted soldier
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Bastards! I hate them! Sending us to fill every gap
- Deserted soldier
The deserted soldier is a character featured in Shadow of Chernobyl.


The soldier was a member of a military recon unit sent to Agroprom Underground, after most of his team was killed, the soldier deserted and retreated to the swamps in Agroprom. He is the target of the mission, Kill the soldier.


The soldier was posted at Agroprom Research Institute, he had repaired an old car and got it working in half an hour. However, the local commander took the vehicle for himself, stating he gets it due to his rank and ditched the ride in front of the base to be forgotten.

The soldier was later sent to the catacombs under Agroprom in order to scout out the tunnels, however, most of his team was killed and he deserted in fear. The soldier decided to hide in the swamps and think of a plan to get out. Marked One is tasked with killing him by barkeep, who most likely got the contract from the soldier's former employers.

Once the player gets to the swamps, the soldier can be heard moaning in anger, "Bastards! I hate them! Sending us to fill every gap!" Or, "I wanna go home!... Home!." The soldier is friendly when approached, being a member of the Loner faction. When the player speaks to him, he tells him his story after begging him not to shoot.


  • The soldier is the only military member in Shadow of Chernobyl to be marked as a loner, this was most likely done to prevent him from being hostile.
  • His name is randomly generated.
  • The player cannot help him.



The soldier's biography photo.

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