Destroy the Duty detachment
Quest type

Camp Elimination

Given by



Duty company in Rostok

Time limit

1 day

How 'bout going on a hunt? Duty's clean-up detachment showed up at Rostok. This is a great chance to take them by surprise. Duty keeps sending guys hunting for the monsters, but in the process they don't hesitate to shoot whoever isn't up to their likening. This detachment needs to be finished off before Duty comes to Rostok. There shouldn't be too many people: three or four veterans and a couple of rookies.
- Lukash

Mission DetailsEdit

Accepting this mission to execute a Duty contingent certainly sounds as though you're about to declare war on their faction. However, they seem to make no effort to defend themselves and there is no change registered in their corpse's attitude towards you. On returning to the Bar afterwards, other Duty members' attitude is also unchanged.

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