Destroy the Duty outpost

Acquiring the mission.

Quest type

Camp Elimination

Given by



Duty checkpoint in the Garbage


Relation decrease: Duty

Time limit

1 day


There's a very urgent job. The passage from the Garbage to the Bar needs to be cleared of the Duty unit... They've taken to hiding there and robbing the passers-by. We're expecting a very important package, but now it must not be ruled out that Duty already know about our courier and will try to waylay him. We need to wipe off this roadblock, even if for a little while. OK?
- Lukash

Destroy the Duty outpost is an optional mission in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Mission AcquisitionEdit

The mission is given by Lukash as one of his repeatable side missions.

Strategy 1 - The Blunt ApproachEdit

Basically, just wade in and exterminate the squad. The player transitions from being friends with Duty to enemies with the whole faction, without the possibility of reversing this state.

Strategy 2 - The Subtle ApproachEdit

Initiate hostilities from the cover of the old Flea Market with a suitable sniper rifle. The entire outpost company will, of course, become hostile to the player and advance on the player's position. However, since player did not discharge his/her weapon on Duty territory only this company becomes hostile - not the whole Faction. Assuming that player was on friendly terms with Duty previously, this will now drop to neutral at best and may be improved once more by completing a few side missions for Voronin.


  • The Duty company are mostly equipped with Obokans and similar assault rifles, number 8-10 and only change to hostile attitude when you open hostilities.
  • After a few hours, replacements start arriving wearing PSZ-9Md Universal Protection with Tunder S14 bullpups.
  • Since this mission requires you to return to Lukash you will be facing a hostile welcoming at the bar so on leaving Rostok in the objective direction you could consider talking to Sergeant Kitsenko for a Purge the dog lair job. This reduces the likelihood of you being attacked by dogs upon your return.
  • It isn't necessary to render Rostok lifeless on your return, just head through the back-streets to the Wild Territory / Army Warehouses checkpoint, retire the guards, and move on.

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